The Pharmacists and staff pride themselves on developing long term relationships with each patient, ensuring everyone receives the best possible care. 

In a market dominated by large chain stores, Medcare Pharmacy is independently owned by community–focused pharmacist who cares about the well-being of their patients. Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyle choices - to prevent chronic medical conditions from developing and to delay the progression of conditions already present.

We believe that proper support and coaching can help individuals make simple lifestyle changes to improve their health. Change is not always easy and that is why we are here to help individuals along the path to improved health.  

Are we different from other Pharmacies?



In a word, yes! Our Pharmacists take the time to listen before speaking, and take even more time to understand you and your family; to know your history and to help you plan for the future.


Medcare Pharmacy does not sell tobacco and Alcoholic beverages.



We spend our time helping to educate our patients on health matters close to home. We believe healthy, informed people make healthy, informed communities. That’s what being an independent pharmacist means to us: it means putting people before business, community before commerce, and healthy neighbours before healthy profits.

When your medications are filled at Medcare Pharmacy your Pharmacist will:


  • Review your medications on a regular basis.

  • Ensure that you understand your medications and why you need to take them.

  • Work with you to create an up-to-date medication list.

  • Provide you with the support and knowledge you need to help manage your medications and medical conditions.

  • Find non-medication solutions for certain medical conditions, when appropriate.

  • Work with your physicians and other health care professionals to give you the best possible care.